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What Primates Can Teach Us About Managing Arguments During Lockdown

Article by Nicola F. Koyama. Read full article at The world may be reopening in some places, with people looking forward to pubs, restaurants and haircuts. Many of us will no doubt also be looking forward to some time away from home – alone – once more. Spending such prolonged time in close quarters with … Read more

Cracks and Conflict: “But it is Just a Little Crack”

It started as just a little crack in the windshield. A tiny rock had caused it. You had lots of time to do something about it, and maybe you would not have to get it fixed. It was not impairing your ability to see and likely it was not going to get any bigger. Then … Read more

Tips for Managing Conflict

Accept conflict. Remember that conflict is natural and happens in every ongoing relationship. Since conflict is unavoidable we must learn to manage it. Conflict is a sign of a need for change and an opportunity for growth, new understanding, and improved communication. Conflict can not be resolved unless it is addressed with the appropriate individual(s).

Five Steps To Keep Your Communications Crisp

As a leader, Stephanie was meticulous in her attention to detail. She made sure everything was on track and kept us informed throughout her projects. At times, though, I could see her frustration set in. In her meetings, most of the team was not prepared. We usually didn’t read Stephanie’s emails. Though well organized, they were often filled with too much information.

Five Ways to Improve Communication in Virtual Teams

As collaborative technologies proliferate, it is tempting to assume that more sophisticated tools will engender more effective virtual communication. However, our study of globally dispersed teams in a major multinational organization revealed that performance depends on how people use these technologies, not on the technologies themselves.

Virtual Team Bonding During COVID-19

Let’s just start out by saying the struggle is real. For those who aren’t used to working remotely, cabin fever may be setting in and people are feeling the strain. With that in mind, one of the things we should be relying on right now is connection.

How to Elevate Your Presence in a Virtual Meeting

Communication tactics that work well among colleagues in a conference room may not translate seamlessly to Brady-Bunch-style quadrants on a computer screen. Organizational behavior professor Andy Molinsky recommends seeing virtual meetings as “an entirely different context, not simply an in-person meeting or a class on a screen.”